To the competitor

Since 2000 “Enterpreneurship” the list of editions for the publication of the main results of theses on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor or the candidate of science” is brought in approved VAK of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation “.

Scientific directions of our periodical: 08.00.05 — “Economy and management of a national economy (on branches and fields of activity, including: theory of management of economic systems; macroeconomic; economy, organization and management of the enterprises, branches, complexes; management of innovations; regional economy; logistics; work economy; economy of the population and demography; environmental management economy; land management, etc.)”.

The passport of specialty 08.00.05 developed by advisory council of VAK of the Ministry of Education of Russia on economy, defined the following areas of research:

1 . Theory of management of economic systems.

2 . Macroeconomic.

3 . Marketing.

4 . Management of innovations and innovative activity;

5 . Regional economy

6 . Logistics;

7 . Economy of the population and demography.

8 . Work economy.

9 . Economy and quality management.

10 . Business.

11 . Economic security.

12 . Environmental management economy.

13 . Land management.

14 . Pricing.

15 . Economy, organization and management of the enterprises, branches and complexes:

— industries;

— Agrarian and industrial complex and agriculture;

— constructions;

— transport;

— communications and informatizations;

— services sectors.

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