All-Russian correspondence financial and economic institute

Correspondence financial and economic institute Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation –  the old scientific partner of the Predprinimatelstvo magazine, communication with which continued get stronger. Today VZFEI by right is considered one of the largest and most dynamically developing HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Russia, providing educational services of the highest quality.

Correspondence financial and economic institute Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, created as the Central correspondence institute of financial and economic sciences in 1930, for many decades of continuous work turned into the largest educational corporation. Taking into account 20 branches located in the cities: Arkhangelsk, Barnaul, Bryansk, Vladimir, Volgograd, Voronezh, Kaluga, Kirov, Krasnodar, Kursk, Lipetsk, Novorossiysk, Omsk, the Eagle, Penza, Smolensk, Tula, Ufa, Chelyabinsk and Yaroslavl, covering educational services a number of regions of the country, the contingent of his students, exceeds 70 thousand people. The institute prepared about 500 thousand experts of the top skills and many of them work at senior positions in the state and municipal governing bodies, financial credit institutions, commercial and budgetary organizations, trade and other branches of economy.

In educational process technologies of electronic training are actively used: in all subjects, and it is 192 subject matters, computer training practical works – electronic manuals with dialogue functions and multimedia elements are prepared, the uniform base of testing is created. 730 electronic educational Internet resources help with education.

Teaching at institute is carried out by about 1400 highly skilled teachers, among which more than 900 candidates and 250 doctors of science; and also experts teachers, leading experts in area of economy and finance.


Correspondence financial and economic institute Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation offers the following directions of training:

Bachelor degree: “Economy” (profiles: public and municipal finances; taxes and taxation; banking; accounting; corporate finance); “Management” (profiles: production management; innovative management; marketing; financial management; human resource management); “Business informatics” (profiles: management of a content; electronic business; analytical support of management); “The public and municipal administration”; “Law”.

Magistracy: “Economy” (programs: account, analysis and audit; corporate finance; banking; public and municipal finances); “Management” (programs: financial management; production management; marketing; legal support of economic activity; human resource management; innovative management); “The public and municipal administration”.


Free Economic Society of Russia

Free Economic Society of Russia – the old friend of the Predprinimatelstvo magazine cooperation with which, 20 years, brings to the magazine only positive results. Multilateral collaboration only strengthens long partnership.

VEO of Russia — is today the organization having offices practically in all regions of Russia. Society unites more than 11 thousand organizations, more than 300 thousand scientists-economists and practicians, employees of the state, public enterprises and the organizations, new economic structures. Members of VEO of Russia combined the efforts for the purpose of formation of public opinion on the most important questions of economic development of the country, actively cooperate with government institutions, give estimates of various projects and programs, conduct research works, advise representatives of federal, regional and local authorities concerning the current economic policy.

VEO of Russia is a part of the International Union of economists. Society carries out considerable work on assistance to economic and social progress of the world community, participates in development of interregional programs of the UN, UNESCO, the European Union, Council of the Pacific cooperation. VEO of Russia also actively cooperates with foreign non-governmental structures, the enterprises, funds, scientific. It is possible to call such VEO programs of Russia which are carried out in cooperation with the international organizations, as “Problems of employment of the population”, “Problems of investments, developments of a financial and banking system”, “Environmental problems of a safe and sustainable development of world economy”, a forum “World experience and economy of Russia”.

VEO of Russia conducts large-scale researches, participates in the international forums and conferences. It is possible to distinguish the All-Russian forum from them “A problem of long-term development of economy of Russia” in the Kremlin, meetings of Abalkinsky readings: Round table “The economic growth of Russia”, a cycle of the researches “Problems of National and International Economic Security”, “Crisis Management in the Bank and Production Sphere”, the International congresses on interregional cooperation.

VEO of Russia always highly appreciated the activists. One of the first gold medals of Society the foundress Catherine II received it. Modern awards of VEO of Russia — the Big gold medal and the Small silver medal — are registered and put on the federal account by Heraldic Council at the President of the Russian Federation.
VEO of Russia is open for all who divides its purposes and the principles, and is ready to mutually beneficial cooperation with all progressive forces aimed at economic and social development of the Russian Federation.

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