How to write the scientific article

To write the scientific article correctly, it is necessary to adhere to the basic principles which are stated in the following points:

In the prolog relevance and expediency of development of a subject (a scientific problem or a task) have to be proved.

In the main part of article by the analysis and synthesis of information it is necessary to open studied problems, ways of their decision, justification of possible results, their reliability. In the review the most important and perspective directions of development of science (practice), its separate kinds of activity, the phenomena, events and so forth have to be analysed, compared and revealed. The scientific article has to have problem character, show different views of scientists on development of scientific (practical) knowledge, contain conclusions, generalizations, summary data. In final part — to sum up the result, to formulate conclusions, recommendations, to specify the possible directions of further researches.

In article it is necessary to give references to tables, drawings and references.

Tables have to have thematic headings, illustrations and drawings have to be executed in the look suitable for printing reproduction, be accompanied by caption signatures. Reductions of words, names, names, as a rule, aren’t allowed, allowed only standard reductions.

Article surely has to contain elements of scientific novelty of the master thesis.

The title has to be short and capture the essence of the thematic maintenance of a material. After the title it is necessary to specify data on authors, originators and other persons who participated in work on the manuscript.

Data on the author include the following elements:

§ Initials and surname of the author;

§ a scientific degree, an academic status (if is available);

§ position or profession;

§ a place of work, study (the establishment or organization name, including division (chair, faculty, university);

§ contact information (e-mail or other contact information, for the instruction in the magazine);

The summary and keywords have to be attached to article in the Russian and English languages.

The summary is made out by no more than 500 printed characters. It place after data on authors of the manuscript.

Keywords choose from the material text (except editorials, reports, theses of reports, scientific messages, letters in edition) and place in the separate line after the summary before the text of the published manuscript. Keywords are given in the Nominative case.

List of references. The bibliographic part of the device of article has to be presented by bibliographic links and bibliographies at the end of a material (section “List of references”). Thus the author is responsible for reliability of data, accuracy of citing and links to official documents and other sources. Foreign writing of words is given in brackets, except links to literature

The materials directed for the publication, have to have the review of the research supervisor of the master thesis.

The volume of the author’s original shouldn’t exceed 0,4-0,5 items of l. the A4 format, printed through 1,5 — 2 intervals; the Times New Roman font the size (size) — 12.

The questionnaire in which are specified a surname, a name, a middle name of the author, the postal home address, phone, a place of work, study, phone, the e-mail address is put to article.

Example of registration of the scientific article

UDC 336.717

Development of a project financing as a way of preservation of investment activity in the south of Russia in the conditions of financial crisis

Project financing development as a method of maintenance investment activity in the regions of Russia in a time of financial crisis

A.A. ALEKSEENKO, master of Finance and Credit chair, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

e-mail: ********* @ *******.ru


Due to the crisis phenomena in world economy the problem of creation of an effective control system of investment activity at different levels of economy (federal, regional, municipal) gained recently still big relevance. In the real work by means of econometric methods various aspects of investment activity in regions are analysed, the most effective control systems of investment activity at the level of regions are defined, the benchmarking is carried out them. The conclusion that in the conditions of financial crisis the project financing, allowing to share risks between a great number of participants of the investment project, and also allowing to use the state guarantees, is the most viable scheme of attraction of financial resources under implementation of investment projects is drawn.


In connection with the crises in the world economy, problem of engaging in the management of investment activities in different economic levels (federal, regional, municipal) have recently gained greater urgency. In the present work various aspects of investment activity in the regions are examined by using econometric techniques, most effective management of investment activities in the region are determined, benchmarking is done. It is concluded that the financial crisis project financing, which allows to share risk between multiple participants of investment projects, as well as to allow the use of government guarantees, is the most viable scheme to attract financial resources for implementation of investment projects.

Keywords: investment activity, dynamics, management, project financing

Keywords: investment, dynamics, management, project financing

Current trends of development of economy in the conditions of the global crisis, connected with recession of investment activity, continue to remain. In spite of the fact that need of activization of investment process is constantly declared in program documents and the acts adopted at federal and regional levels, essential results in this sphere while aren’t present. Recently the problem of creation of an effective control system of investment activity at different levels of economy (federal, regional, municipal) gained big relevance.


In 2010 indicators of investment activity significantly worsened. And though the official statistics isn’t published yet, according to macroeconomic forecasts, the regional authorities hardly in the next years should hope for big inflow of direct investments. The project financing, allowing to share risks between a great number of participants of the investment project, and also allowing to use the state guarantees, in the conditions of financial crisis shows higher viability, than other schemes of attraction of financial resources under implementation of investment projects. In this situation experience of the Moscow region regarding a project financing needs to be projected on other regions of the Russian Federation. In this article we developed the main tools on increase of investment appeal of regions.


List of references

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1 . Write article

2 . Issue article according to requirements.

3 . Fill in the author’s questionnaire, keywords, the summary to article (in the Russian and English languages), the text and the list of references in one file. In the text of article links to sources have to be placed.

4 . Send article to e-mail:

5 . To be sure, call, please, in edition and specify everything that you interests.

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