in the separate file in the separate file in the separate file
The text of each article has to be presented
in the RTF or Word format.Text
Not archived,
Not formatted
(without imposition and/or ukrashatelstvo attempts).

Full name of one author or coauthors
are written completely,
in Russian and in English

Heading of article and summary
to it also have to be
in Russian and in English.

Itemized list of references

Keywords / Keywords


Color photos of authors
and full-color charts
have to be
in the .tif or .jpg formatsFull-color charts,
schemes, etc. color illustrations
are preferable
in the .jpg or .pdf format

If at article two (or it is more) than authors, photos there have to be so much, how many coauthors

1) Full name completely, year of birth2) HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and year of the termination

3) Place of work and position

4) Home address and contact phones, e-mail

5) Fluently data on the research supervisor or consultant

6) Chair and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION where the author is the competitor of a scientific degree

*  Implementation of the requirements stated above strictly obligatory! See also section «How to write the scientific article».

Additional data (publications of the scientific article influencing conditions):

√ the Predprinimatelstvo magazine book has a book format, that is a set format (the page size under the press) makes 10×16 cm that it is necessary to consider at inclusion in article of tables, schedules and formulas;

√ the volume of one article — from 0,25 print. pages to 0,6 print. pages (the printed page makes 40.000 characters with spaces);

√ the secretariat considers (reads, reviews, discusses) possibility of the publication within a week from the moment of receipt of a material in edition;

√ doctoral candidates and/or competitors of a scientific doctor’s degree in addition to the files stated above send an author’s bibliography;

√ the payment for article placement in the Predprinimatelstvo magazine book isn’t raised from graduate students;

√ the author’s copy goes to authors a registered mail, the issue of acquisition of additional copies of the magazine is resolved in edition;

√ files with materials for the publication go to e-mail: pr15@mail.ru

About the decision of the secretariat it is possible to learn on the ph./fax:

+7 (495) 573-5415, mob. 8 (903) 793-82-38, 8 (925) 316-73-55

Postal address: 125466 Moscow, Kurkinskoye Highway, 17, p.o. box 32

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