Surname, name Heading Issue of the magazine
Alexei Abazov The study forms of business in the region fisheries № 6’06
Abalov Ilya Corporate culture in modern Russian organizations № 5’06
Ablehanov Ildar Budgeting as a tool for planning and control № 4’2000
Natalia Abramova Institutional basis for the formation of professional competence of civil servants: problems and prospects № 7’09
Abramson Denis Production infrastructure in terms of stabilization and economic recovery № 7’08
Karen Avanesyan Business need to constantly develop № 4’5’01
Roman Avdeev The mechanism of the transition to a process-oriented model of enterprise management of the automotive market № 7’08
Avdeev Inna Creating a favorable investment climate at the regional level № 7’09
Avilov Alexander Activity of the head: a modern view № 4’5’01
Ageeva Dean Cluster approach in the management of industrial enterprises № 6’08
Azretali Afaunov Financial support of the development of municipal economy № 5’09
Hayrapetyan Venus Social insurance as a form of financial support for spa treatment № 7’07
Aksaeva Victoria Methodical approaches to sustainable socio-economic development of the region № 6’07
Vladimir Aksyutenko Mentality and especially value consciousness of modern Russian youth № 5’08
Aksyutenko Natalia Economic impact on the development of youth subculture № 2’07
Vladimir Furnace Luminary Russian business № 4’06
Aldamov Magomed Reducing shipping costs: logistics aspect № 3’07
Svetlana Alexandrova Development of ethical relationships in the history of entrepreneurship № 1’07
Tatiana Alexeeva Imperatives of development programs support systems business sector Kemerovo region № 5’06
Alexei Klenin Legal security strategy of expanding market for products of construction enterprise № 1’08
Aleskerov Enver Financial and investment potential: the problem of activation № 1’2’04
Scientific and technological revolution and information and intellectual potential № 6’03
Alexina Irina Business incubator as a means to support small business innovation № 3’08
Aliyev Adik Economic relations over the price and evaluation of their similarities and differences № 1’2’04
Marginalist pricing in modern conditions № 6’03
Ksanaeva Madina Theoretical aspects of SME development: institutional and evolutionary approach № 6’06
Irina Petrova Grain market as a basis of the agrarian economy № 5’09
Amvrosova Olga Criteria for distinguishing public and private, in the theory of law № 4’06
Andreassian Moushegh Problems of the theory and practice of the real estate market in Russia № 5’08
The nature and stages of development of real estate market № 7’08
Nicholas Dmitry From the history of the State Audit № 4’2000
Andrianov Larissa Concept and content of the commercial bank’s credit policy № 6’08
Anikin Irina Impact of social change on the investment value of the company № 8’09
Pashkov Antonina Development of methodology for modeling the management of ecological and economic risks to public health in urban areas № 2’08
Konstantin Antipov Advertising outside the market № 2’09
Advertising in the new economy № 8’08
Vladimir Antyufeev The role of investment instruments in the formation of regional housing programs № 2’09
Problems of realization of municipal housing programs № 8’08
Anyutin Julian Sverhvyzov XXI century № 6’03
Unprecedented provakatsiya № 4’5’01
Irina Aparin Formation of the motivational mechanism of personnel management as a factor in increasing the company’s competitiveness № 3’09
Maria Tolstopyatenko Financial and credit factors enhancing small businesses in regional industrial complexes № 5’06
Andrew Artishchev Implementation of enterprise management systems in construction № 7’07
Alexei Barykin Innovative development model № 6’06
Alexei Sharanin Practical aspects of building the Aviation Cluster Innovation: educational subcluster № 5’09
Alexei Sharanin Innovative development as the foundation of economic prosperity № 2’09
Brizhasheva Olga Vertical cooperation as a tool for cooperation between large and small businesses in the region № 6’08
Elena Volovaya Improving regional legislation as a factor in investment activity and Territorial Development № 5’08
Valentina Zakharova Sliding method of budgeting as a mechanism for effective economic development of entrepreneurship № 3’09
Jacques Attali On the market and democracy № 5’6’2000
Zotov Olga Development of the system of agricultural credit consumer cooperatives in the Penza region № 7’08
Zavyalkina Natalia Improving wages of textile companies № 3’09
Afanasyev Julia Intellectual property in the context of globalization № 1’2’03
Afashagov Cantemir Improving the management of financial flows agricultural Kabardino-Balkaria № 6’08
Danial Akhmetov Open the national economy for domestic producers … № 2’2000
Babin Vyacheslav Impact of transaction costs № 2’05
Institutional environment and firm demography № 4’06
Reliability value for consumers malyhform business № 6’04
Profitability of expansion of small firms № 4’04
Bablenkov Ilya The establishment and functioning of special economic zones № 6’06
Bagriy Artem Assessing opportunities and prospects for innovative project № 1’07
Yuri Bakrunov Evolution of national development as a factor in economic growth № 3’07
Igor Balandin Basics posing problems in modern scientific research in the field of budget and public finance № 3’07
Alexey Balashov Moscow businessman Mikhail Nikiforovitch Bardygin № 4’09
Baldin Constantine Strategic directions reduce economic risk in business organizations № 5’05
System analysis of the nature of economic risk № 5’05
Balic Roman Model of sustainable development of small business № 1’09
On peculiarities of business in building № 8’08
Eugene banns Cyclical development of housing and communal services № 3’09
Sergei Baramzin Assessment of the socio-economic situation of rural communities as an effective tool development strategy of small rural business № 5’09
Sergei Barkov Alternative directions of globalization as a process of culture- № 5’08
Barmashova Larissa Value of the products and their impact on innovation and investment process № 3’08
Sergei PROKOPOV Gender potential small business № 7’09
Konnova Oksana Formation of customer loyalty programs in organizations of consumer cooperatives № 8’08
Kungurtseva Natalia The economic efficiency of standard samples for the development of computer databases eco-analytical data environment objects in the oil-producing regions № 6’08
Rybakov Oksana On the inter behavior in business organizations retailers № 4’06
Andrey Belov The company’s competitiveness as a fundamental part of national economic competitiveness № 4’09
Yuri Belokopytov Psychological mechanisms of self-organization of behavior management systems № 4’5’03
Approaches to self-management team № 4’5’03
Nina Belotelova Improving lending to small businesses № 4’06
Victor Ovsyannikov University infrastructure development of innovative business № 1’07
Nikolay Degtyarev Regional innovation structure of the stock market as a factor in the development of entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector № 5’07
Fatuev Igor Development of ozone-friendly technology degreasing № 1’01
Mikhail Belyaev Entrepreneurship and adaptability of the region to invest № 1’2’02
Antonian Olga Regulation of wages in construction № 3’06
Alexei Klenin Integrated marketing strategy and its role in housing enterprises обеспеченииконкурентоспособности № 5’08
Sergey Belyaev Human resources and capital formation rates № 1’07
Evgeny Belyaev Corporate social responsibility and charity № 4’06
Svetlana Belyaeva Assessing the development of small businesses in the Southern Federal District № 3’08
Irina Belyanina Determination of performance criteria assessment technology staff № 2’08
Innovative investment process and labor market potential in the Russian economic reform № 8’08
Careful Eugene Russian Entrepreneurship and Innovation № 3’08
Edward Berlin Main types of structuring business space and their fundamental commitment to social and economic partnership № 2’05
Economic partnership in the context of the interaction of freedom and social responsibility № 1’05
Besshaposhny Maxim The emergence of an effective entrepreneur in rural pledge proper development of land relations № 4’06
Bigday Olga Nature, structure and functions of institutional regulation in the agribusiness system № 1’08
Bildin Olga Mechanism of state support for Russian industrial parks № 5’07
Bisultanov Beslan On the relation between food and economic security of the Russian Federation № 2’08
Andrei Blinov Modeling methodology transformation of personnel policy in the corporate sector of industry № 5’09
Notes on the role of the state in economic management № 6’2001
Vladimir Rafienko Cliometric analysis of resource industries: towards sustainable growth in the share of services in the market of small business № 7’09
Olga Rudakov Innovative approaches to training managers to business structures № 1’09
Bludilina Natalia “Common sense Russian” in the works of Ivan Pososhkov № 5’05
Vukovich Galina Features of development of ecological and economic systems № 7’09
Vladimir Bolgov Technique of optimal development of the road network on the basis of socio-economic status of the region № 4’09
Bolonkin Alexander Where did Kansas Man sadness? № 4’5’03
Bol’shov Alexander Knowledge-based potential of the national economy № 6’07
Knowledge-based potential socio-economic growth in the system of social reproduction № 7’07
Innovation potential important factor of socio-economic growth of the national economy № 2’08
Yevgeny Bondarenko Optimization of logistics costs in the telecommunications sector № 7’07
Irina Bondarenko Institutionalized interaction between the state and the economy, “new power”? .. № 8’08
Boris Esenkin Book business in the era of globalization № 1’06
Alexander Borisov The main approaches to the management of uncertainty in business organizations № 3’08
Vitaly Borisov Impostors and Ponizova libertines № 6’2001
Galina Borisova Practical aspects of accounting outsourcing for agricultural organizations № 1’09
On the necessity of positioning accounting outsourcing services for organizations AIC № 4’09
Tatiana Borisova Organization and model of internal audit in the sanatorium organizations № 2’07
Borisova Elvira Analysis of resource efficiency organizations of consumer cooperatives № 3’06
Borodulin Valery Economic regulator of the market economy system № 3’08
Bosova Tatiana Trends in the development of innovative entrepreneurship in the Stavropol Territory № 4’06
Vladimir Bohanov Evaluation of the recreational potential of tourism development in the region № 5’07
Mikhail Bragin Marshal’s baton № 3’2000
Brovko Ludmila The problem of the Russian tax system № 6’06
The tax system as an incentive to the investment process in the economic development № 3’07
Budanov Gennady Entrepreneurship and the changing role of public authorities in the region’s economy № 1’08
Budanov Ivan Pricing policy and energy saving fuel and energy complex of Russia № 5’07
Oleg Bulekov Optimization analysis as a tool for the managerial decisions № 2’07
Evaluation factor environment of the financial results № 7’07
Burmistrov Margarita Production efficiency of cattle meat in the Tula region № 6’08
Burceva Tatiana Value analysis of costs for market research № 2’05
Eugene beets Comparative analysis of the development trends of the aviation industry in Russia and abroad № 2’09
Stepan beets Market mechanisms in health recreation in the reproduction of labor resources № 6’09
Andrey Butenko Financial characteristics of the middle class in the context of the formation of stratification criteria № 2’08
Larissa Butuzova Production and innovation clusters as new forms of innovative activity № 2’11
Casks G. Mechanism of innovative development of the region № 6’06
Buckiy Natalia Current management strategy Russian consulting companies № 1’07
Bushmin Eugene International experience in building performance evaluation system budget № 2’06
Patrick Buchanan Economic nationalism and the global economy? № 1’01
Vakarev Alexander Small businesses as part of the functioning of the regional economy during emergencies № 2’08
Valesyan Aram Conceptual approach to the partnership of the state and the private sector in health care № 5’08
Dmitry Valiev Model making marketing decisions to enter new markets by using fuzzy analysis of alternatives № 4’09
Valova Julia Research and development of various approaches to the formation of organizational and technological balance of industrial enterprises № 3’07
Anna Vardanyan Analysis of the technological efficiency of production-based model kommercheskihstruktur mezhproduktovogo balance № 2’06
Valentine Varivoda Application of local approximation method of modeling when assessing competitiveness № 5’06
Marina Vasilieva Problems of organization and development of the municipal financial control № 8’09
Yana Vasileva Russian Entrepreneurship: factors and directions for the formation and development № 7’08
Vasyuchenkova Ludmila On the development of a simplified tax system № 7’08
Boris Vasyakin The concept of management of innovation in teaching and educational activities of the university № 5’07
Vakhrouchev Alexander The shadow economy: an algorithm counter № 5’05
Andrey Trifonov Theoretical and methodological problems of defining the mission of economic systems № 5’05
Vashenko Wages and economic interests in its occasion № 6’05
Vashenko Alexander Problems of improving the rate on labor № 2’05
Processes of individual and collective labor activity and the total labor force № 6’05
Motivational aspect of economic life in the context of market reforms № 1’06
Andrew Vashenko Human resources: a regional perspective № 5’07
Human resource management as a socio-economic problem № 7’07
Model design and network management of human resources in the region and business education № 1’08
Svoinski Eugeniusz Background and risk management capabilities in agriculture № 6’07
Brooms Basil Savings behavior of the population and its motivational component № 3’08
Nikolay Vernitsky On the threshold of grain imports to Ukraine № 5’6’2000
Vershinin Anastasia Business training as a progressive form of training of university students № 5’09
Elena Viktoruk “Appeal” as a way of explicating the contextual arguments in non-classical systems of morality № 4’5’03
Ethical reasoning as an object modeling № 4’5’03
Vinogradov Dean Institution of the referendum in the history of Russia № 6’06
Referendum as a source of law and lawmaking № 1’07
Vladimir Vinokurov Ways of improving the commercial structures in the food market of the North № 2’06
Main directions of development of agriculture in the extreme conditions of the North № 5’07
Leonid Vladimirov Law evil № 1’2’02
Sergei Voytyuk Methodological aspects in the formation of adaptive systems of corporate governance № 5’09
The innovative concept of corporate governance engineering holding № 6’09
Maria Voltchkova Legal regulation of state financial control: problems and possible solutions № 2’09
Legal regulation of state financial control: problems and possible solutions № 2’09
Mokretsova Galina The treatment of strict reporting forms (diplomas, certificates,certificates) № 6’08
Shilovskaya Larissa Analytical approach to the methodology of budgetary accounting internal calculations № 7’08
Konovalov Anna Services as an activity and economic category № 7’08
Alexei Mozalevskii Integrated approach to the management of the services sector in the context of globalization № 8’08
Elena Chebotarenko Manage competitive service businesses № 4’09
Competition and competitive relations in the service sector № 2’09
Yuri Voronkov Cost management company in relation to the functioning of the system of organizational and managerial optimum № 3’08
Lot’s Ekaterina On the formation of organizational-economic mechanism for integrated structures № 6’09
Vyugina Love Small business in solving social problems of regions № 5’07
Problems of development of small forestry enterprises Kirov region № 6’07
Formation of the conceptual aspects of reform and industrial restructuring № 8’08
Gainetdinov Ayrat Methods of assessing the level of socio-economic development of the region № 2’08
Analysis of market transformation of the national economy of modern Russia № 5’09
Galina Borisova Methodological aspects of the outsourcing services market monitoring № 2’09
Gaponenko Nikolai Genesis methodology distributive relations in the mechanism of formation of regional finance № 4’06
Grigorash Eugene Impact of the shift method of road construction works on the quality of the facilities № 6’06
Owl Anastasia Algorithm to improve the economic stability of the industrial enterprise № 8’09
Shibaeva Marina Optimizing the value of investments of public-private partnership for the construction of road facilities № 4’09
Gennady Tchurikov Problematic issues of evaluating the effectiveness of solutions for public-private partnership № 2’09
Alexander Georgiev Which trees grow bills? № 4’2000
Gerasin Alexander Oligarchic ownership as a phenomenon of the Russian deystvitelgosti № 6’04
Gerasina Julia Determining the economic feasibility of the formation of the projected corporation № 3’08
Goetz Victoria Approaches to prioritization of strategic management building complex № 1’08
Gizzatova Alla Problems of food supply in the Republic of Kazakhstan № 2’08
Glazkova Anna Investment in the real sector of the economy and the reproduction of human capital № 3’07
Alexander Godin Methodological aspects of marketing theory and problems of entrepreneurship development in Russia № 3’07
Andrew Golischev Managing economic risk in agriculture in the region № 6’08
Monitoring direction “Accelerated development of animal husbandry” in the system as part of AIC economic security of the region № 4’09
Features of the formation of the supply of agricultural enterprises № 5’09
Conditions of development production and sales activities in agricultural production № 6’09
Krasnolutskaya Olga Analysis of the tax burden and the tax capacity of the Stavropol Territory № 8’08
Anna Mikhailova Economic security in the tax area № 7’08
Elena Golovanov Macroeconomic level relationship lifelong income and investment in education № 2’08
Golovin Elena Optimal control of current assets in organizations of consumer cooperatives: theoretical aspect № 6’08
Economic security trade organizations of consumer cooperatives № 1’09
Mykola Golovko Terek Cossack military sports school № 1’2’02
Dmitry Golubev Questions of construction risk management system in electricity companies № 6’06
Golubnichiy Ivan Phantom ideology № 3’03
Alexander Goncharov cash proceeds of the commercial organization № 6’05
Alexander Goncharov The system of legal criteria № 2’05
Financial solvency monitoring production companies № 3’05
Legal ways to reduce receivables and payables of the commercial organization № 4’05
Legal ways naraschivaniyadenezhnoy revenue commercial organization № 5’05
The system of legal criteria for the diagnosis of bankruptcy and to restore the solvency of the commercial organization № 1’05
Leasing as a kind of long-term lease commercial organization of new production assets № 1’06
Legal risk assessment creditor Update property complex commercial organization № 2’06
Legal model to ensure return on investment is a commercial organization for leasing assets № 3’06
Optimization of the structure of the property complex within the existing commercial organization № 4’06
Restructuring property complex commercial organization with the participation of several organizations № 5’06
Legal restructuring model property complex commercial organization № 6’06
Solvency assessment of the commercial organization: approaches and criteria № 5’04
Restoration of the commercial organization № 3’04
Solvency of the commercial organization: communications system influencing factors № 4’04
Solvency assessment of the commercial organization: approaches and criteria № 6’04
Artem Gorbachev “Philosophy” in small business marketing № 2’08
Manage promotional activities of the company (for example, Ltd. “Gold Textiles”) № 8’08
Sergei Gorbunov Management of property assets of industrial enterprise on the basis of investment engineering № 2’08
Development of the property complex industrial enterprise on the basis of the design approach to investment management № 1’09
Gorkovenko Eugene Franchising in Russia: Problems and Prospects № 1’07
Maxim cities Practical aspects of the comparative approach to the evaluation of electric power enterprises in the industry reform № 3’08
Gorohovitskaya Tatiana Park technological equipment to ensure the progressivity of the productive apparatus of the enterprise № 5’07
Sazonov Ludmila One approach is to stimulate activities of university teachers № 3’09
Tatarkina Galina Consolidated accounting as an information basis of financial control in agroholdings № 8’09
Sergey Goryachev System of motivation: principles of № 2’05
Irina Gostyaeva Features innovative processes in the system of personnel management № 3’09
Grafova Galina Rating assessment of the economic condition of the enterprise № 4’06
On the estimation of the probability of bankruptcy of enterprises № 3’06
Gribkova Natalia Economic indicators of regional tax capacity № 3’05
Gribov Elena Comprehensive economic analysis of the efficiency of utilization of productive resources: methodological aspect № 5’08
The practical aspect of the complex analysis of the effectiveness of the use of production resources № 6’08
Gribov Julia Formation of the balanced scorecard in controlling system within integrated companies № 7’09
Sergey Bocharov Organizational-economic mechanism of management of enterprises of mechanical engineering № 5’07
Lot’s Ekaterina Formation models of corporate governance and control features and their application in the activation of the integration process № 3’09
Irina Grigorenko Evaluation and monitoring of the solvency of the insurance organization № 8’09
Nelly Gridchina Development ideas rule of law in the Soviet legal doctrine in the 70-80-ies of XX century № 4’05
Primacy of international law as part of the Russian legal doctrine of state № 5’05
Ruslan Grinberg Place and the chances of Russia in the global economy № 1’08
Maria Grishaeva Brand image and the role of packaging in its formation № 5’06
Grishin Multi-level infrastructure to support business in the Russian Federation № 8’09
Golodova Olga Integration development of competitiveness in the industrial policy of the region № 2’07
Gromov Elena Corporate governance factors that contribute to the implementation of the risk of raiding № 4’09
Sergei Grosev To provide integrated preventive operations conducted by the Internal Affairs № 3’06
Gruzdeva Victoria Model evaluation of the effectiveness of basic forms of tax control № 4’09
Gryanchenko Tatiana Financial crisis in the Russian economy, problem diagnosis and guidance to overcome them № 7’09
Alex Gubar On the transformation of management processes in social systems № 3’09
Alexander Gavrilov Questions monopoly in modern Russian economy № 5’09
Gubin Anton Questions of improving the institutional support of small business in the Russian oil industry № 8’08
Vladimir Guryevsky Introduction of a new production at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex № 3’09
Elena Vokina Selecting a method of cost accounting and calculation of leasing companies № 6’07
Gushina Julia Features assess the impact of the time factor on the efficiency of investment and construction projects № 1’09
Gyulumian Roman Organization of responsibility accounting in multi-trade and entertainment complexes № 1’07
Sergei Davydov Types of collateral in bank lending to small businesses № 2’07
Tatyana Davydova Manage business entities on quality criteria in the information economy № 1’09
Process management of investment and financing entities № 2’09
Process management of investment and financing entities № 2’09
Management of intellectual production potential of a business entity № 8’08
Andrew Danelyan On the corporations in the Russian law № 4’06
Elena Danilina Theoretical basis for determining the economic substance of the working capital № 8’08
Dmitry Danilov Conflicts in the area of ​​trade, their regulation and management № 3’07
Dacko Sergey Financial analysis of commercial efficiency of commercial enterprises № 4’05
Entrepreneurship and youth № 5’05
Alexey Demin Organization and internal control procedures in subsidiary manufactures agricultural organizations № 6’08
Irina Demina Features inventory business entities engaged in foreign trade № 6’07
Denisova Olga Impact of organizational and economic structure of the specificity of innovation development № 3’08
Denisova Hamid Reforming and bookkeeping methods of budget organizations № 1’09
The role of accounting policies in educational institutions offering income-generating activities № 2’09
Vadim Derkachev Food safety of meat and milk regional market № 4’09
Dee Do Entrepreneurship in the era of new economy № 4’09
Didkovskaya Olga Corporate organization of business № 6’07
Construction of algorithms design corporate organization № 1’08
Overall rationale of new approaches in the process of pricing and cost № 3’08
Dinaev Tahir Development of business regulation № 6’06
Dmitry Diulgarov Development planning activities of a construction company № 5’08
Yuriy Dmitriev Monitoring the status of the quality of labor in modern conditions № 5’6’2000
Irina Dniprovska Analysis of activity of domestic “gazelles”: adopt a positive experience № 7’09
Dokukina Natalia Problems of development of entrepreneurship in modern Russian economy № 3’08
Dolgopolov Dmitry Corporate foreign borrowing: the quantitative aspect № 5’06
Irina Dolzhenko The formation of public-private partnerships in innovation Altai Krai № 3’09
Dorzhdeev Alexander Intergovernmental relations in the Russian Federation № 3’2000
Types of debt obligations of the Federation № 708
Dorokhina Natalia The impact of economic processes on the labor market change № 5’07
Elena Dorokhova Total system of money management № 2’09
Druginyn Alexander The mechanism of aging of the global economic crisis № 1’2’02
Types of debt capital investments № 4’04
Information substance of modern money № 4’5’01
Drumeva V. Nunnery in Kalofer № 1’2000
Oak Paul Analysis of factors affecting the efficiency of industrial enterprises № 6’06
Dubinin Maria Valuing brands of dairy products Krasnodar Territory № 6’09
Angelica Danil Contents of the economic mechanism of public land management № 4’09
Content of the State Land Administration of the Russian Federation № 5’09
Principles of economic management of land resources of the Russian Federation № 2’09
Economically sound regulatory role регулированиягосударственного management and protection of forest lands № 8’08
Kuznetsova NV The city and its inhabitants: the need to change behavior of young taxpayers № 6’03
Nicholas Tatiana Principles for forming virtual network quality management system № 3’2000
Dyakova Eugene Budgetary support entrepreneurship Volgograd region in crisis № 8’09
Dyachenko Daniel Savings of the population as a resource investment business № 2’07
Deacons Nicholas Institutional differences from private holdings (peasant) farms № 4’09
Viktor Tkachenko Develop a strategy of economic development at the meso level № 4’09
Evgeny Evdokimov Foreign experience of reform and regulation of natural monopolies in the gas industry № 7’07
Liliya Frolova Agricultural lending: anti-crisis measures № 8’09
Oleg Evseenkov Practical application of management by objectives № 7’09
Catherine Evstafieva Practical aspects of the amendments to the monitoring and evaluation of the liquidity in shares of the enterprises № 3’08
Evstratenko Nikolai Deposit insurance abroad: practice activities Banking Guarantee Fund of Poland № 3’07
Ludmila Egorova Algorithm for monitoring the investment attractiveness of the region № 1’07
Edelev Dmitry Bohr Valeria Relationship efficiency and sustainability in the development of small business № 5’09
Yevgeny Borisov Investigation of quantitative indicators to monitor the level of competition in the regional segment of the service sector № 5’08
Anatoly Elsakov Selecting securities of high quality investment № 3’07
Yelsukova Juliana Educational potential role in achieving competitive advantages № 5’06
Eregin Yegor Production and technological potential of the high technology enterprise № 1’07
Approaches to the estimation of production and technological potential of high technology enterprises № 2’07
Alexey Sorokin Compromise methods managerial decisions on placement of roadside advertising № 4’09
Goat Irina The market for used as an element of agribusiness № 2’06
Irina Ermolina The role of the modern Russian banking system in financing small industrial and innovative enterprises № 3’07
Konovalov Anastasia Approaches to the assessment of innovative potential service businesses № 5’09
Yuri Ershov On the question of Russia’s WTO accession № 4’5’01
Boris Esenkin information and reading problems № 2’06
Boris Esenkin Problems of the Russian book business № 2’06
Michael Efymenko Infrastructural support entrepreneurial activity, taking into account increases in the intensity of transportation № 7’07
Elena Ehlakova Economic property relations: principles of state regulation № 2’05
Karina Zhabalieva Modern production level cleaner potatoes № 4’06
Zhadanov Nikolai Some issues of improving the competitiveness of the Russian mortgage market № 1’09
Zharylgasova Botagoz Internal audit in the implementation of economic control of financial results of the agricultural organizations № 3’08
Alexei Zhdanov International merger (absorption) and new global players № 5’08
Features types of cross-border mergers (acquisitions) of Russian companies № 6’08
Motives for mergers (acquisitions) of modern № 8’08
Zhebelev Ilya Assessment of the competitiveness of enterprises retailers № 3’08
Liquid Alexander Projects reforming the administrative-territorial structure of modern Russia № 3’09
Liquid Natalia Factors increasing the competitiveness of enterprises in the economic crisis № 3’09
Kalyakin Eugene Features of development of small business in mjasoproduktovogo subcomplex Tambov region № 5’08
Zhiharev Kirill organization № 6’08
Innovation in Housing Reform № 8’08
Alexei Zhuk Systems grades in personnel management: genesis and development trends № 5’07
Anatoliy Zhukov The concept of strategic development of industrial holdings № 6’06
Galina Zhukova State and especially the Russian investment market № 2’07
Elena Zhukova Reform of the water public utilities № 3’09
Crooks Peter Alexander fusil Epistemological roots of the Russian business № 8’08
Zavorotnyuk Natalia Ombudsman in Russia and abroad: a comparative analysis № 5’05
Boris Zasimenko Defining innovation potential of the enterprise № 7’07
Vadim Zakharov Optimization of business processes of marketing companies № 3’08
Gerasina Julia Pricing policies of oil corporations in the conditions of modern Russian petroleum products market № 7’08
Formulevich Ioannina The concept of budgeting to power companies № 7’08
System performance budgeting process № 8’08
Tatiana Zakharova Cash flow and the formation of synergies № 7’09
Zverev Alexander Features adaptation of the social infrastructure of the Russian regions in terms of market reforms in the economy № 8’09
Alexey Zverev Models profit management corporation acting in the consumer market № 8’09
Irina Zikunova The phenomenon of entrepreneurial activity in the business cycle of the macrosystem № 5’09
Approach to the formation of a system of indicators medium entrepreneurial activity № 6’09
Singer Oksana Develop a comprehensive strategy of industrial enterprises № 6’07
Ziroyan Manya Finance: a systematic approach to understanding № 4’05
Principles of government influence on the formation and development of financial relations № 5’05
Main directions of the transformation of financial relations in Russian society № 6’05
Finance function in a modern multi-level reproduction process № 1’06
Transformation of financial relations: crisis aspects № 1’09
Michael kites The current strategy of Russia and its impact on the improvement of methods of combating terrorism № 5’06
Zubov Olga Stages of formation of regional investment strategy property complex № 1’09
Zykov Svetlana Partnership between the government and agricultural organizations in solving personnel problems № 5’09
Dmitry Ibraev The relationship of market activity, management culture and corporatism № 5’07
Ivanov Peter Structure and algorithm of the pricing mechanism for urban road transport № 3’08
Victoria Ivanova Role in shaping the delivery of wholesale food market in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) № 2’08
Sergey Dolmatov Marketing aspects of business management maslozhirovogo subcomplex № 6’09
Svetlana Ivanova Rationale for the strategic approaches to improve the level of availability of quality housing № 3’06
Igor Larionov The concept of reforming the Russian Academy of Sciences № 3’05
Idigov Musa Conceptual and philosophical ideas about the social and economic contradictions, crisis phenomena and mechanisms to resolve them № 4’06
Izmailov Svetlana Formation of the production and market infrastructure in dairy grocery subcomplex № 6’07
Olga Kolesnikova Improvement of marketing activities in the implementation of milk and dairy products № 6’09
Izmailov Svetlana Nozdrin Valery Development of the system of price regulation of relations in molochnoproduktovom subcomplex № 7’09
Ilyin Timur Dialectic interaction logistics and multi-level marketing network of distribution chains in the direct distribution of № 2’08
Vitaly Il’ichev Current trends in employment: methodical aspect № 1’08
Ilguev Arkady The ratio of long-term and current investments in the production process № 1’2’03
Ilyaguev Arkady Reorientation of monetary investment: ways and means № 1’2’02
Government’s role in increasing the effectiveness of current and long-term investments in the reproductive process № 4’04
Irina Ilyuhina Control mechanism in the current costs of trade organizations № 5’06
Andrei Isayev “We will not tolerate cheating people!” № 3’03
Roman Isaev The human factor in the evolutionary nature of management theory and practice № 2’07
Individual features of the person as an object of management through the development of technologies domineering influence № 3’07
Isayev Shams Analysis of the impact on tax revenue budgeting, Dagestan № 1’09
Ismailov I. Integration Problems of Energy of Belarus and Russia № 1’2000
Alexei Kabranov Improvement of state regulation of social protection of insolvent enterprises № 2’08
Kagramanjan Nonna Institute of plenipotentiaries of the President of the Russian Federation – an effective tool for solving public problems № 6’06
Andrew Kazadaev Housing Reform: Prospects for Social Welfare № 1’2’03
Irina Belyanina Personnel Management by objectives № 6’04
Kakulia Tatia Without an accent: Russian language in Georgian schools № 6’03
Kalachev Eugene Tuvan Bunny № 4’2000
Kalina Dmitry Ten years as one day № 2’06
He lives a guy № 1’2’03
Memento service № 3’2000
How did men № 6’03
Michael Kalina Dear Motherland № 3’05
Raisa Kalinicheva Relationship management and control functions № 2’07
Kamzabaeva Myra Analysis of the degree of social responsibility in the Consumer Cooperatives № 3’05
Kapkov A. For Whom cry cyber widow № 1’2000
Kapkov Alexander Serpents thriller restruktuarizatsii № 1’01
Excretion bankrupt № 1’2’03
“Dead Souls” economy № 3’2000
Kaplin Vladislav State regulation of the development of small businesses in the service sector in the region № 5’09
Dmitry loaves State regulation of investment processes in modern Russia № 5’07
Samvel Karapetyan Features diversified investment management company № 2’08
Alexander Karasev Successes and opportunities of “Horizon” № 1’01
Valentin Karasev Modernization № 5’6’2000
Alexander bots From yesterday to tomorrow and back № 2’2000
Karasev Karaseva E. Separate opinion № 1’2000
Carib Apollo Forms of implementation of competition and monopoly in a market economy № 8’09
Svetlana Karimova Investment activity of the Republic of Bashkortostan: experience and prospects № 7’07
V. Karpov I can even breathe in the boots! № 1’2000
Elena Karpova Integration in the food industry № 8’08
Kartashov Mikhail Entrepreneurial activity and activity: factor taxation № 1’09
On the role of tax planning in enterprise profit optimization № 8’08
Fidel Castro Ruz Guess uncertain future № 3’03
Sergei Katasonov Marketing of educational services in the system of additional vocational training № 5’07
Vladimir Katrenko Foreign experience and Russian electricity market reform № 1’2’02
Katunin Victor The commodity form of private ownership on labor base transformation № 5’09
The mechanism of capitalist alienation: the direction of the transformation № 6’09
Private ownership of human capital – the basis of the evolution of corporate ownership and control № 7’09
Julia Medvedev Marketing components of the formation of STM in Retail № 7’08
Kachkova Olga Manage trade organizations in modern conditions № 1’09
Kashcheev Ivan Marketing aspects of image formation of enterprise in modern conditions № 1’09
Adapting marketing strategies to market energy sales companies № 2’09
Alexei garden Motivational factors create business systems integration № 6’08
Oleg Kvochkin Status and development of the credit and mortgage brokerizma in modern Russia № 2’09
Dmitry Kedys On the status of socio-economic rights in the modern domestic legal theory № 5’07
Vladimir Kelarev Dynamics and market development trend of optical services Rostov region № 6’05
On State Regulation of the optical correction of vision № 3’06
Alexander nodded Features of the organization of tourism in the Amur region № 5’06
Kizilova Alexander Effect of holding strategies for innovative development companies in the region № 5’08
Kirin Ludmila On the occurrence of market services tax consulting in Russia № 5’06
Key market trends and types of tax consulting services in Russia № 6’06
Irina Kirischieva Improving the efficiency of rail transport services on the basis of monitoring suburban complex № 6’08
Alexander Kirov Formation principles of efficiency in socio-economic forecasting № 1’06
Kirsanov Eugene Don Cossacks which on № 6’03
Kiryushkin Roman Identify business risks in the current economic conditions № 5’07
Tatiana Kiseleva Commencement № 4’5’03
Kleiner George Strategic management: current problems and new directions № 7’08
Alexei Klimanov Strategy development and evaluation of the enterprise marketing activities № 7’07
Klishina Julia Licensing and market relations in the system of environmental management № 3’08
Klochkova Tatiana Special economic zone of tourist-recreational type as a promising development in the region № 3’07
Klyus Victor As market reforms have affected the employment № 4’5’03
Kovalev Valentine Integrated flow of information as a tool of improving enterprise efficiency № 4’06
Kovalev Irina Problems activating Food Marketing № 5’07
Michael Yarmola Economic efficiency of integrated production № 6’08
Kozenko Yuri Yegorov Natalia Government regulation and market self-regulation of investment activity of agricultural enterprises № 8’09
Anatoly Kozlov Practical implementation of the information system to support decision-making № 5’08
Yuri Kozlov “Social” state is economically justified № 1’2’03
Cancel whether Vladimir Putin “three percent” economy? № 3’2000
How to connect the production and money? № 3’2000
Loneliness force or odinochstvo slaboti? № 3’03
Lessons Transnistria № 4’2000
“People’s capitalism” in the stock market № 5’6’2000
Elena Kokshina Analysis of modern investment processes and trends in the Russian media market № 2’07
Boris Preobrazhensky Entrepreneurship development as a condition of the formation of the tax base of the region № 7’07
Kolmykova Tatiana Factors determining the investment policy in the industry № 1’08
Investment policy and analysis of the structure of investments in fixed assets № 2’08
Kolosov Irina Sustainable innovative development index as a tool of economic systems № 6’09
Kolosov Tatiana Methods of forming the innovative potential of the enterprise № 1’09
Victor Komarov Control intracompany sales of medicines and medical devices № 5’07
Konovalov Anastasia In the next decade, the bulk of the travel will be purchased interactively № 5’06
Anton Kononov Portfolio management strategy derivatives № 1’08
Speculative derivative securities portfolios № 5’08
Yuri Konstantinov Russia needs a strong ruble № 3’03
Konyukhovskii Alexander No matter what the future does not look like: social paradigm of management № 6’2001
Konyukhovskii Alexander Kilchik Raisa Optimization of the process of choice of profession as a necessary condition for social youth № 4’5’01
Povolotskii Alexander Redevelopment as a complex reorganization proceedings socio-economic improvement of the enterprise № 5’08
Catherine Ugolnikova Leasing as an instrument of investment policy № 1’2’03
Konyaev Nikolai Russian thriller № 6’2001
Konyakhina Oksana Problems bankruptcy of strategic enterprises and organizations of the Russian military-industrial complex № 6’06
Sergei Korenchuk Without hope, I hope! … № 4’04
Korzhev Roman Improving the management of ecological and economic risks of the enterprise № 1’08
Michael peddlers Agrarian Policy of Russia: the peasantry and power № 1’2’04
Mikhail Korolev Reform is needed № 2’06
Management of security № 3’06
King Peter Conceptual apparatus: methodological tools of entrepreneurship № 3’07
Sergei Kostenko Effect of oil and gas deposits in Russia and Kazakhstan on the structure of GDP and exports of their countries (benchmarking) № 4’06
Alexey Timchenko Prospects of entrepreneurship in agribusiness logistics № 5’06
Skeletons Peter Comparative characteristics of international and domestic lease classification principles of international leasing № 1’09
Voropinova Olga Conceptual positions in determining the economic substance of the agricultural production potential № 6’07
Vladimir Kochergin Game approach to modeling economic equilibrium № 7’09
Vladimir Kochetov The national question in the Russian Federation № 6’2001
Nikolai Kravchenko Economic growth in the system of interaction factors in the development № 3’08
Edges Alexander Transformations in the Russian industry and the development of integrated approaches to the production and economic systems № 3’09
In support of restructuring modernization of engineering enterprises № 2’09
Kraeva Tatiana Methodological features innovations in personnel management systems of industrial enterprises № 3’09
V. Klimenko Integrated assessment of the territorial problems of gas distribution systems № 6’06
Krasochenkova Natalia Legal protection of the fiscal interests of the state in the implementation of bankruptcy procedures № 7’07
Krashennikov Eugene Manage logistics risks in international transport operations № 7’08
Krishtaleva Taisa Analysis of tax systems used by small businesses in Russia № 3’07
Internal control taxation of small businesses № 8’08
Kruglov Evgeniy Basic problems and ways to improve the interaction between the participants of the investment processes in construction № 7’08
Regional aspects of improving the efficiency of interaction between participants of the investment processes in construction № 8’08
Krupin Valerian Development of residential mortgages in the system development activities № 6’08
Valentine Kruchinina The role of investment in the economy № 5’05
Alexander hooks The economic efficiency of projects in the field of waste management based on the regulation of traffic flows № 2’09
Kryuchkov Larissa Improvement of the taxation system of the food market № 5’09
Anatoly Kudelin Typological analysis of interpretations of entrepreneurship № 3’04
E. Kudryashov Ceramics: new materials and new technology № 1’2000
Kuzaeva Oksana Financial control factor of effective management of commercial organization № 5’06
Dmitry Kuzin Economic aspects of the home appliances market № 1’08
Kuzminova Olga State economic regulation of investment activity in Russia № 2’09
Igor Kuznetsov Innovative investment process: the problem of financing № 8’08
Konstantin Kuznetsov Investment planning and its role in development of the region № 6’06
Elena Kuznetsova Mortgage system as a tool for socio-economic development of business structures in agriculture № 3’06
Kuznetsova Raisa Word healer № 4’05
Tamara Kuznetsova Land relations in Russia: an analysis of the current state № 3’07
Raisa Ratushnjack Agricultural development of integrated units in the Republic of Kazakhstan № 6’07
Kuprichenko Eugene Implementation of the priority national project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to Russian citizens” in the Stavropol Territory № 1’07
Sergei Kurdukov Organizational and economic problems of the Fisheries Industry № 6’06
Fishing complex control problems Russia № 2’07
Boris Kurkin Rollback normal! № 3’2000
Vasily Kurnishev Current state of the pipe products in Russia and its main participants № 1’08
Kucherov Elena Accounting and control – a vital necessity of a market economy № 3’05
Elena Kushcheva The main ways of financing organizations: strengths and weaknesses № 6’07
Vladimir Lavrentiev Directions of state support of small business in the Rostov region № 7’08
Igor Larionov On the agenda of the global economic crisis № 4’5’01
Larionov Ilya The new paradigm of civilization: Disclosure creative and creative potential of human № 1’2’02
Polina Kotin Loyalty as a principle of organization of the advertising agency in crisis № 4’09
Alexander Lebedev Specificity control production potential of the region in crisis № 5’09
Shabalin Elena Marketing and financial strategy of the organization in the market № 3’07
Sergei Lebedev Economy and People: axiological aspects № 3’07
Intellectual labor and quality problems № 6’07
Intellectual work and the problem of quality control in the field of information technology № 7’08
On the economic sense and meaning of the term “intellectual property” № 8’08
Ekaterina Lebedeva Technology development of the strategic process management enterprises of mechanical engineering № 7’09
Nadezhda Lebedeva Development of civil society as a condition of the development of entrepreneurship in Russia № 8’09
Victor Levchenko Pedigree Sholokhov № 1’05
Vladimir Levchenko Cossacks: Mobius loop? … № 4’2000
Anatoly Lemyakin Basis for the “Golden Crescent” № 5’04
Alexander Leonov structure № 3’04
Assortment management companies in today’s market № 1’2’04
How to measure range № 1’2’04
Michael Liansky Managerial accounting and reporting services as a mechanism of competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the enterprise № 2’09
Gennady Lipakov Planning the audit business entity with foreign investment № 4’09
Lt. Vladimir Why was not replacing Stalin № 1’2’03
Lifshitz Arkady New method for measuring force motivation № 1’2’03
Lichonin Olga Opportunities hedge business risks in agriculture № 5’07
Igor logs Railway engineer last issue № 5’6’2000
Loktionova Julia Formation of marketing strategies and modern management of agro-industrial complex № 5’07
Andrey Lomakin Competitiveness negosurstvennyh universities № 5’04
Private universities in the system of vocational education № 4’04
Lomakov Eugene Employee motivation and its role in the personnel policy of the company № 3’09
Yuri Luzhkov Term problems of economic development in Russia № 3’04
Lukin Valentine The role of program-target method in terms of reforming the budget process № 3’07
Lukichyov Vladislav The role of evaluation in determining the competitiveness of staff overall competitiveness of enterprises № 2’08
Sergey Lukyanov Essence and nature of the shadow subsystem of social reproduction № 6’04
Valentin Luntsevich Public robbery № 4’5’01
Lysochenko Alla Conceptual foundations of public policy in ensuring food security ‘ № 1’09
Dmitry Lvov Results of the year: what’s next? № 2’05
The third way for Russia № 6’2001
Paradox of thrift № 2’2000
Svetlana Panova Scientific and technical outsourcing as a tool to improve the company’s competitiveness № 6’08
Svetlana Panova Problems of development of scientific and technical outsourcing in Russia № 7’08
Irina Lyaptseva Innovation and encouraging cooperatives: Theory and Practice № 2’07
Liakhovich Dmitry Methodological Principles of cybernetic modeling of the organization of enterprise type № 6’07
Mazharov Igor From the experience of negotiating № 6’03
Mazaeva Anna Business ethics in the implementation of the production function of sphere of service worker № 3’07
Elena Maznitsa The state’s role in promoting regional innovation entrepreneurship (for example, the Volgograd Region) № 1’09
Mazunina Mary Catherine Scriabin Theoretical and methodological framework for the assessment of sustainable development of the region № 5’09
Dmitry Makarov Determination of correlations between arrays Patent and abstract information № 6’2001
Prediction of commodity markets based on arrays of patent information № 5’6’2000
Marina Makarova On the goal-setting process control № 2’07
Yury Makeev Formation of the market model of the organizations socio-cultural sphere № 5’09
Makeenko Igor Marketing research specifics of productive activities in the penitentiary system of the Russian Federation № 5’07
Goetz Victoria On the strategic planning of a small construction company № 7’08
Yalymova Victoria Managing the implementation of the housing policy of the city: some approaches № 1’08
Maximchuk Olga Classification of the factors of economic evolution of socio-economic systems № 3’06
Said Matchavariani Model development management at the regional level of mortgage № 3’06
Elena Tsybina Improving the competitiveness of enterprises through the establishment and development of intellectual capital № 3’06
Vitaly Il’ichev Development of construction in view of the situation on the labor market № 5’08
Makuschenko Ludmila Practice of municipal work in modern conditions № 4’09
Malakeeva Svetlana The role of tax planning for small businesses № 6’06
Malakhov Russian order of life principles: exemption from property № 1’2000
Alexander Malakhov Principles Russian order of life: from dominion to the management № 3’2000
Money № 4’5’03
Values ​​and gods № 4’5’01
Social ideal and statism № 2’2000
Malakhov Alexandrov Principles Russian order of life: from the idea to the state social ideals № 4’2000
Shallow Olga Corporate training as a social and cultural project № 6’03
Alexey Malyshev Contradictions property: Past and Present № 3’07
Malyshev Maksim Development of partnership in social and labor relations № 3’07
Sergey Malyshev Innovative development strategy № 5’07
Maltsev Elena Formation and distribution of the profits of enterprises: principles of state regulation № 4’05
Ilya Mamontov Using selection algorithm source of financing investment projects in the enterprise № 2’07
Sergei Manannikov Kinds and purpose of standards of labor costs in the field of science № 8’08
Marenkov Nikolai Innovation Venture Capital and its forms № 5’06
Olga Markiewicz Market IPO – source of attracting investments in entrepreneurial activity № 1’08
Mikhail Markin Principles of state regulation of conditions to ensure the competitiveness of industrial enterprises № 3’08
Organizational and economic factors and their use in the management of a building complex № 4’09
Methodical approach to improving the quality of educational services of the university building № 7’08
Markov Marina On quality management of educational activities № 7’08
The quality of knowledge: the organization of the educational process № 8’08
Andrew Marov Continuing education as a condition for increasing the competitiveness of the subjects of the labor market-oriented enterprise № 3’07
Elena Marusinina Intellectual capital in modern society № 5’06
Influence of factors internal and external environment on the process of marketing management of intellectual resources № 5’07
Grigory Marchenko Syndicated loans – in the real economy № 2’2000
Maryanina Olga Foundations for organizational-economic mechanism of industrial restructuring № 3’08
Maryushenkova Anna Methodical positions on the development of production factors on different types of market № 6’09
Vladimir Maslov On universal McDonaldization and how it preodaleniya № 3’2000
Morale modern Russian entrepreneurs № 2’2000
Elena Matveeva Public administration APK Russian Federation № 1’08
  Development of territorial division of labor in the Russian Federation AIC № 6’08
Maria Matevossian Distribution in the circulation of capital turnover and Enterprise № 5’07
Nelly Matnenko Comparative analysis of methodologies for assessing sustainable development of enterprises № 3’08
Eleanor Matiughin Ecological-economic institutional as an instrument of social regulation of the national economic system № 6’05
Elvira Matiughin Institutional factors control the national economic system in ecological and economic terms № 2’06
  Regulation of the activities of fuel and energeticheskogokompleksa during economic evolution № 2’06
Irina Mashkara Motivation in the context of innovative development of enterprise № 7’08
Shishova Tatiana Dictatorship madness save the adults! № 2’05
  Dictatorship madness infantilization № 1’05
  Dictatorship madness spiritual orphanage № 6’05
  Dictatorship madness № 5’04
Svetlana Melnikova Approaches to defining the parameters of the model of development of diversified economic system № 1’08
  Study the stages of formation and development of multi-building complex as the economic system № 7’08
Merezhko Alla Small Motherland № 4’5’03
Konstantin Simirenko Modeling credit risk in lending to entrepreneurs without legal entity № 3’06
Alexander Merkushev Features techniques for lending to small businesses in the financial enterprise № 1’07
  Editorial № 5’09
Mayors Yuri Scientific and methodological basis for state regulation of transport development in market conditions № 3’07
  Regulation and management of the economy value concepts № 5’07
Meshcheriakova Ludmila The role of business efficiency for socio-economic development of the region № 2’07
Cute Fedor Problems of innovative development of light industry enterprises № 5’07
  Risk Management manufacturing facility using the expert-analytical technologies № 6’07
  Expert analytical model of management of development of light industry enterprises on the basis of the method of analytic hierarchy and its supporting computer system Expert Decide № 7’07
  Management Model own risk production unit of light industry № 2’08
Milguy Tatiana Educational Marketing Product № 3’09
Alexei Solomahin Management of industrial enterprise, taking into account factors of ecological safety of the production program № 6’09
Minifaeva Julia Revival of rural credit cooperatives in transitional economy № 5’08
Vladimir Mitrofanov Employment generation № 5’06
Michalko Elena Sources of financing innovation of Consumer Cooperatives № 7’08
Alexei Mikheyev Financial-industrial groups: prospects for development and growth № 5’07
Elena Mitske Deepening of democratic processes in Kazakhstan through improving local governance № 1’07
Mitsyk Svetlana Strategic management in construction organizations: theoretical aspects and industry № 5’08
Mishina Olga Institute of state material reserves as a factor in Russia’s economic security № 5’06
Mosaic Love Regional policy and entrepreneurship № 1’2’03
  Formation of the historical-legal field of entrepreneurship № 3’03
Morgunova Roxana Analysis of the development of concepts of classification and mapping of stakeholders of large industrial enterprises № 7’09
Alexander Morozov Seagull on the curtain № 4’5’01
Irina Morozova Multimodal logistics centers as a tool of integration of the transport strategy № 6’06
Moseyko Victor Systemic-constructivist approach to the management structures of small and medium businesses № 1’2’02
  On the concept of management changes № 1’2’03
  Financial evaluation of the decisions made in the middle and small business № 6’2001
Moscow Yuri On the death squadrons in the Tsushima Strait № 6’05
  Why citizens of a political party or what they want № 1’2’02
  Drink determines consciousness № 5’6’2000
Elena Moshkova Problems economy childish eyes № 3’03
Ants Nicholas, Alexei Solomahin Improving the mechanism of production management and economic processes of the industrial enterprise № 7’09
Murtuzalieva Svetlana Russian enterprise management issues and the region on the verge of joining the WTO № 5’07
Bakinova Saglara Model of the financial mechanism of consumer bankruptcy in Russia № 8’09
Ewald Müller Nostalgia № 3’05
  Profit and pain of war № 5’04
Stanislav Naboko Value system of corporate governance in the economic crisis № 5’09
Stanislav Naboko Development of the system of remuneration of top management № 6’09
Eleanor Nagovitsyna Marketing activities in the service sector № 2’08
Igor Nadezhdin Formation of the economic potential of the regional food market № 4’09
Alexander Nazarenko Segment structure of the market of home appliances and its determining factors № 5’07
Ivan Nazarov Social and labor indicators in the system of modern methods of management of human resources of the enterprise: Controlling staff № 5’07
Tatiana Nazarova Contemporary realities of the family business in Russia and abroad № 6’07
Nalgiev Magomed About enterprise restructuring of the oil industry № 4’06
Nasibyan Seda Staff development as a factor of competitive advantage of the banking system № 2’08
Nasyrov Iskandar Information Centre of Economics and Management Ecovillage № 1’2’03
  Ecovillage: tax bases of creation № 3’03
Egor Naumenko Controlled development of the company as a factor of competitiveness № 5’08
Konovalov Elena Risk-assessment and its impact on business operations of the oil industry № 5’09
Ruzevich Svetlana Increase production capacity by reducing downtime № 5’07
Neverov Paul Process approach to the formation of teaching materials disciplines of specialization № 3’09
Nedel’ko Galina Organization of management accounting in autonomous institutions № 7’09
Sergei Nedosekin Small business development and economic growth № 1’07
  Regions of Russia in the national project “Development of agriculture” № 2’07
  Economic growth and natural resources company № 3’07
  Human factors and economic growth № 6’07
Nekrestyanov Svetlana Socio-economic conditions affecting the national and regional labor markets № 5’08
Maxim Nefedov Audit evidence about the sale of goods № 5’06
  Audit of commodity transactions in wholesale trade enterprises № 1’07
Nizova Ludmila Regional aspects of entrepreneurship on the Republic of Mari El № 6’09
Elena Nikiforova Investment decisions are based on the use of developers model options in the face of uncertainty № 2’09
  Investment decisions are based on the use of developers model options in the face of uncertainty № 2’09
Marina Nikolaeva How does the regional infrastructure on quality of life in the regions of the Volga Federal District in 2001-2006 № 5’09
Nikolaev Ulyana Informal economy and updated archaic relations: theoretical and methodological analysis № 4’05
Nikulin Julia Analysis of differentiation of the human development index by groups of countries № 5’07
Oleg Novgorodov Diagnosis: totalitarian sect № 1’01
Andrei Novikov Some aspects of organizational-economic mechanism of regulation of industrial complexes in № 5’08
  Dialectics of socially necessary costs of the reproduction process as an objective basis for pricing in the real economy № 1’09
Vladimir Novikov Book publisher and entrepreneur Pushkin № 1’2’04
Catherine Novoseltseva Meeting the needs of users of public services through marketing personnel (for example, the Federal Customs Service) № 8’09
Dmitry Nurgaleev Formation of marketing information management system of production and distribution of grain № 5’08
Andrew Butts Realities of efficiency in the Russian leasing small industrial business № 3’07
Vadim Ovsiychuk Management Accounting as a function of production management № 1’07
  Budgeting in management accounting system № 2’07
Ovcharenko Marina Development of the education market in southern Russia № 2’07
Pavel Ovchinnikov Increasing investment in real estate companies on the basis of the involvement of the financial market in real estate № 1’09
Odarchenko Eugene Importance of entrepreneurship in the field of social protection of servicemen № 4’05
  Features of state policy in the sphere of social support and protection of persons and persons retired № 5’05
  Systemic socio-economic crisis and especially the state policy in the sphere of social protection № 1’06
Evgeny Oleinik Economic criteria and model of the intellectual potential of small publishing enterprise № 3’07
Olenikova Zlata Specificity of the business image of Russian banking sector № 1’09
Onuchak Victor Basic principles of small business support in Russian oil-producing regions № 6’08
Annette Orlova Sociologization body in the post-industrial era № 1’05
Valery Orlov Comprehensive comparative analysis of credit and leasing relations as the main forms of investment № 2’07
Alexander Ortiz “DON-Stroy” opens to the public eye on the Spanish musical art Russian № 1’2’02
Osipova Alla Entrepreneurial activity of agricultural enterprises in the region: trends № 4’5’03
Tatiana Osipova Methodology for conducting social audit № 5’09
Irina Osokina Tax control at the present stage of development of the tax system № 6’06
Kondratieff Olga Assessing the efficiency of agrarian business entities № 5’06
Osmakova Ludmila Russian life: portraits publisher № 6’2001
Oleg Pavlov What is common in radio with a mechanical watch? № 2’2000
Irina Pavlova Impact of international experience to strengthen social protection of citizens of the Russian Federation № 7’08
Paduryanova Hope Historical background of the accounting system in the Republic of Yemen № 7’09
Payzulaev Islam Tax administration in Soviet Russia (1917-1991) № 3’08
  Criteria and performance indicators of tax control № 5’08
  Improving Tax Administration: some activities № 7’08
Andrew Palagin Problems of development of venture business in Russia № 7’09
Paly V. International accounting standards № 1’2000
Panaschuk Victor Prospects for the development of tourist business and military reform № 2’05
  Spitsifika select military facilities and areas in the Arctic regions of Russia at realigning under tristicheskie complexes № 5’04
Anatoly Panich On the role of rural credit cooperatives in the Kirov region № 5’09
Vladimir Panov Features of state regulation of investment activities of the telecommunications sector № 5’06
Michael Panov Public enterprise and social policy during the economic crisis № 4’09
  Financial market and social partnership in economic crisis № 2’09
Panshin Ilya Resursozameschenie as a mechanism for business management № 6’07
Alexander Paramonov Application of an expert system for the economic evaluation of the project of modernization of the transport space complex № 8’08
Vladimir Pasikun Institutional reforms in the insurance of dangerous objects № 2’08
Leonid Pascenco Bullet the merits of № 5’6’2000
Valentine Pereversev Theoretical aspects of diagnosis threat of bankruptcy of enterprises № 1’07
  Information base, and users of financial analysis in the diagnosis of bankruptcies № 2’07
Alexander Glushchenko Organizational solutions for internal standardization of accounting and reporting in the holding companies № 8’09
Nikolai Petrakov Problems of strategic development of the Russian economy at the present stage № 4’04
Angela Petrova Application of linear programming in the practice of marketing research № 3’05
Pickalov Alexander Fundamentals of production planning in the confectionery industry under demand uncertainty № 4’09
  Accounting for Uncertainty in production activity № 6’09
Nikolay Pilipenko State Financial Control: Theory and Practice № 6’05
Yuri Pimenov State policy in the field of environmental protection in addressing the challenges of sustainable development № 1’08
Abkhazia Sophia New to medical and social rehabilitation of patients with spinal trauma consequences of combat № 4’04
Yury Platonov Outsourcing in the system of innovation management of the insurance company № 1’07
Kartcev Nikolai On the role of investment and innovation component of the competitiveness of domestic entrepreneurs № 7’09
Vladimir Pletnikov Corporate entrepreneurship in agribusiness № 1’07
Galina Plotnikova Instrumentation state regulation of import-substituting livestock production at the subnational level № 7’09
Chefs Sergey Calculate meruKinopovest № 1’05
  Calculate the measure № 5’04
  Knowledge Master № 1’2’02
  Calculate the measure № 3’04
Povolotskaya Olga Management faculty of the university on the basis of assessment of its performance № 6’07
  On the factors affecting the competitiveness of university teachers № 3’09
Pogrebinskiy Faith The structure of Russia’s national wealth to the top of industrialization (the last third of XIX – beginning of XX century) № 6’08
Podgrebelny Ivan State of entrepreneurship in the regional market of consulting services № 1’07
Pocus Tadeusz Logistics and marketing processes of creation and the provision of additional market value № 3’05
  Reducing the time as a prerequisite flow control supply № 4’05
Polonchuk T. Nostalgia for the totalitarian art № 1’2000
Irina Polosukhin The essence of simulation in terms of the banking process № 2’09
Alexei Poltaryhin Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of agro-industrial integration within the product sub № 7’09
  Integration into regional grocery subcomplex № 3’09
  Integration development product sub regional agribusiness № 6’09
Vladimir Polunin Development Strategy program IEMBA O & G № 6’09
Polunin Constantine On the need for increased government regulation of social responsibility of Russian companies № 6’08
Vladimir Polushin Gumilev and Larionov: the story of a friendship № 1’07
Vladimir Ponomarev Restructuring as a way to prevent bankruptcy № 1’09
  Methods to prevent unauthorized business failures № 8’08
Ponomarenko Marina Segmentation as a factor enhancing business activity in rural areas № 2’06
Popov Gabriel Mankind in the XXI century and future developments Russia № 5’04
Sergei Morozov Social regulation of eco-conflict-situation № 4’06
Gregory Popov, Vyacheslav Lubich Improving Social Governance municipal environmental safety № 5’07
  Improving Social Governance municipal environmental safety № 6’07
  Methodological foundations of social environmental safety management at the municipal level № 2’08
Sergei Popov Improving the competitiveness of enterprises through the application of differential cost accounting № 6’09
Alla Popova Economic features of the functioning of milk-product sub Stavropol Territory № 4’06
Eskendarova Aizhan Capital expansion in agroholdings № 8’09
Dmitry parrots On copyright protection using digital signatures № 6’07
  Electronic digital signature (EDS) as a means of protecting intellectual property and databases № 1’08
Portnov Natalia Performance bonuses № 3’09
  Theoretical and methodological approach to the formation of human resources policy at the industrial enterprises № 5’09
Potvora Witold Changes in the organization as a result of the development of information systems № 3’05
Savina Margarita Formation of the organizational culture of enterprise and market orientation № 4’05
Elena Potekhina Features functioning university in modern conditions № 2’09
Maria Ol’shanskaya On improving the methodological framework for the assessment of the investment potential of the regions № 7’08
Pakhomov Julia Prospects for the development of cellular services in the context of small business lending № 2’08
Elena Gavrilova Infrastructure to support small businesses in scientific and technical sphere № 4’06
Maria Khripchenko The main trends in the development of exports in the Russian regions № 1’08
Shinkareva Natalia Analysis of innovation processes in small and medium business № 6’07
Natalia Pronin Concept and essence creating promising network of therapeutic and medical organizations № 6’07
Prokhorov Natalia Prospects for food security of the population of the Kirov region of meat and meat products № 5’09
Alexander Pugachev On the transition from the Russian Federation to the mega-regulator of banking supervision № 2’09
Vyacheslav Putilovsky Study and forecasting processes in the banking system by the method of segmentation № 6’06
Anna Veselova Identification of latent knowledge of consumers as the basis of market research food market № 7’09
Ragulina Julia The implementation strategy for knowledge management technologies in the fields of industrial production № 1’09
Acceleration Anton Creating clusters of firms as a promising regulation of regional development № 3’09
Valentine Ranyuk Methodological approaches to auditing financial investments according to IAS № 5’07
Svetlana Semenova Accounting for the rehabilitated enterprise (Russian and foreign approaches to the analysis of the probability of bankruptcy at JSC “Tyumendorstroy”) № 2’08
Vladimir Rassadin Systematic approach to personnel policy № 7’07
Olga Kovalenko Solvency and creditworthiness of individual evaluation criteria as its financial condition for lending № 3’09
Vladimir Rafienko Practice of mergers and acquisitions in the mining industry: problems and prospects № 6’09
Rashidov Muraz Prospects of application of securitization mechanism in the control system of housing complexes № 6’09
  Asset securitization as a mechanism of investment resources: international experience and prospects of application in Russia № 2’09
Ivan Nesterov Methods and mechanisms of information management in the socio-economic system № 6’06
Shesternina Olga Dean of the university in a market economy № 3’07
Irina Resetnicov Formation of the company’s reputation by using the model of “participation economy” № 7’09
  The concept of “image” and “reputation” in the context of modern economic processes № 8’09
Vitaly Rogatkin Features of the development of entrepreneurship in agriculture № 6’08
Rodionova Hope Mechanisms of regulation of the housing market № 4’06
Rozanov Nina Reputation management in the context of socially responsible Russian business № 6’08
Menyaylova Regina New business opportunities in the field of higher education № 8’09
Romanchikov Alexander Features audit leasing operations № 4’06
Alexei Rokhin Small and medium-sized businesses in the formation of successful clusters № 5’09
Maxim Rudakov Features of formation of financial strategies Russian companies in entering the domestic capital markets № 6’07
Dmitry Rudenko Increasing the investment attractiveness of advertising space metropolis № 1’07
Igor Rudenko Development of management consulting company as a factor in improving the quality of services provided № 7’07
Sergei Sheichenko Small business development in the municipality № 8’09
Ryzhkov Svetlana Need for and modalities of the integration processes in the fruit and berry subcomplex № 5’05
Sergei Riabukhin Place and role in controlling the implementation of external financial control № 8’08
Denis Riabchenko Formation of innovative university-based customer-oriented approach № 5’08
Ryazanov Philip The impact of structural changes in the economy at the pace of technical and economic progress № 8’09
Dzamikhov Azamat Regional features of land tenure and their impact on agribusiness № 3’06
Nikolai Eremenko Problems and contradictions of agricultural lands at the regional level № 4’09
Vasily Ryahovsky Ways to improve the economic sustainability of the enterprise, based on the application of international financial reporting standards № 3’07
Dmitry Ryahovsky About the Russian investment climate № 6’07
Savalsky Alexander USSR-capitalist state № 3’03
Vladimir Savin Automation of budgeting and financing investments in commercial entities № 5’09
  The importance of strategic management accounting № 2’09
Savina Margarita NGOs in small and medium business: Problems and Prospects № 3’05
  Socio-economic problems of reproduction of labor in Russia № 6’05
Morozova Hope Threat to the economic security and the formation of the creative class society № 7’09
Sergey Savchenko Formation and use of financial resources in the educational system of Russia № 2’09
Elena Savchenkova Methodological basis for determining yield services № 6’08
  The essence of management accounting and its importance in the overall enterprise management system № 7’08
Cage Anna Wholesale in modern conditions: Theory and Practice № 3’08
Baskakova Olga Dealer networks: the legal aspect № 1’09
Salienko Natalia Principles of organizational structures: a mechanism for effective management № 4’04
Sal’nikova Natalia Innovative potential of specialist consulting company as a key factor in effective management strategies № 5’06
  Global transformation processes and trends of education development № 3’08
Sergei Saninsky Develop partnerships interaction system engineering enterprises with consumers № 7’09
Sapronova Oksana Tax regulation of investment activity of individual entrepreneurs № 5’06
  Financial stability of enterprises in crisis № 6’09
Ruslan Safarov Ways to improve the efficiency of tax control in modern conditions № 1’09
Svetlana Alexey Institutional development of services № 4’09
Kuzmina Irina Prospective development parameters of major agricultural products and foodstuffs № 7’09
Alexei Sevastyanov Developing flexible strategies as a new aspect of the competitiveness of industrial corporations № 7’08
Sedin Andrew Relevance of strategic planning in the Russian commercial banks № 3’2000
  Selecting an information system for the company № 4’5’03
  Professionalism in banking № 2’2000
  Banking: the conditions of restoration and development № 4’2000
Sedin Ludmila The role of legislators in the Russian financial system stabilization № 6’08
Sedin Ludmila Coffins of “peacemaker” Bush № 1’2’03
Gray Elena The oil industry in the Great Patriotic War № 4’5’03
Seiko Lily Ways state regulatory impact on economic growth and quality of life № 3’08
Serbovelikov Nikolai Dot the i № 1’01
Leonid Sergeev Dancing dog № 5’6’2000
Sergeeva Veronica Formation of temporal model of organizational effectiveness № 3’07
Serebriakova Olesya Methodological aspects of assessing the development of services in the Samara region № 6’08
Setdikov Rinat About small business Say a Word № 1’2’03
Sibaeva Gulnaz Entrepreneurship as a characteristic of business № 2’09
Vladimir Sizov Strategic management perspective multilevel reproduction process in modern Russia № 3’04
  Methodological principles of strategic analysis of multilevel reproduction process № 4’04
  Integrated economic potential of the microstructure and its elements as an object of strategic management № 1’2’04
Yuri Sizov Insurance system to ensure stability and safety of the region’s economy № 3’05
  Regional security aspects of small business № 1’05
V. Golovin Current state of agriculture and its role in food security № 1’09
Dayitas Victor Key activities for the development of agricultural production and improve the provision of basic food types № 4’09
Simirenko Constantine Economic and legal aspects of reforming the tax laws in the field of gambling № 3’06
Inna Simonova O’Lantern on a national scale № 1’01
  Theological Ball № 5’6’2000
Vasily Simchera Effectiveness of the use of national resources in Russia № 7’07
Vladimir Sitnikov Indian Summer in December № 3’03
Natalia Sitnikov Seek and ye shall find № 1’2’03
  Culture in the province is largely determined by the theater № 6’03
Paul Sitnichenko Logistics strategy of business process reengineering in the electricity № 3’07
Sergey Skvortsov Methods of modeling of economic processes in the regions № 1’07
  Increasing the investment attractiveness of regions using the program-target method of management № 2’07
Skeeter Natalia Mathematical modeling of optimal investment in innovative technologies № 6’09
  Simulation of economic instruments to stimulate investment in environmental innovation № 7’09
Sklyarevsky Anton Features of promotional activities on the market of books № 5’06
Soon Eugene Financial management enterprise security № 4’09
Skrebenkov Nikolai Social control in the field of formation and investment of pension funds in the Russian Federation № 2’07
Skrobov Alexander Municipal administration of social security as a form of social control № 5’06
Vitaly Skulin Tolerances of industrial and commercial results: methodological approaches № 2’07
Slavohotov Alexander “Survive and continue their independent growth” № 4’5’01
Elena Slobodenyuk Formation mechanism of motor control in construction costs № 2’07
Slukin Alexander Actual problems of foreign trade activities of engineering predpriyatiyaty № 5’09
Andrei Smirnov Model of functioning regional consumer market № 6’06
Paul Shurubov Reforming accounting infrastructure of the Russian stock market № 8’09
Yuri Nikolaev Economic valuation methods in business management and entrepreneurship № 7’09
Alexei Sokolov Destinations activation entrepreneurial potential of the project activity № 6’06
Tatyana Sokolova Reserves work rationalization of management personnel in enterprises neftegazostroitelnogo complex № 2’07
Soldatenkova Ludmila Studies № 6’03
Solovyov Anna Accounting features in the formation of the costs included in the contract price of construction products № 1’09
Sologubova Marina Branding as an effective tool micromarketing the domestic labor market № 6’07
Somov Ekaterina Spatial asymmetry and divergence: how to anticipate, prevent and survive (the problems of development in a single integrated economic system) № 6’09
Oleg Sorokin Methodological approaches to risk management in business organizations № 8’08
Sosnowski Vladislav Master and Manolia № 5’6’2000
Sofina Elena The economic essence of investment and investment in mjasoproduktovogo subcomplex Kirov region № 5’09
Sociological Service “Cassandra” That prepares us last year № 3’04
Spiridonov Elena Investments and investment attractiveness of regions № 5’08
Michael Starovoytov Economic miracle on a single enterprise № 4’2000
Olga Maximova Investment attractiveness of export grain production № 1’07
Oleg Serenko Prospects for the development of electronic payment systems for transport № 8’09
Steklov Farid The role of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of foreign trade № 6’08
DV Stepanov Priority development of innovative processes in the book market № 5’07
Anastasia Stepanova Problems of evaluation of investment projects № 7’08
Nikolai Stolyarov The essence of the state financial control № 2’06
Streltsov Yuri The essence of banking services as an object of bank marketing at the present stage of development of the banking sector of the national economy № 3’08
Streltsov Yuri Improvement of the mechanism of formation of a marketing channel to provide banking services № 1’09
Marketing sales channel banking contactless cards № 2’09
Tamara Stroiteleva Modeling work processes as one of the tasks of strengthening positive trends in economic growth of industrial enterprises in the region № 3’09
Anatoly Averkin Economic mechanism to biblical experience № 6’2001
Cubrakova Ludmila Public-private partnership: an analysis of legal forms № 5’07
Suvorov Elena Management costs of circulation and production as a factor in increasing the competitiveness of enterprises catering № 2’07
Elena Suykova Restructuring: the question of the optimal structure of business units № 6’08
Dmitry severe Development of methodology for the implementation of knowledge management system in a process-oriented organization № 6’07
Sergei Sukharev Marketing strategies of the university № 5’06
Sukhoparov Alexander Reflections on the substitution of concepts № 5’6’2000
Valentine Syroizhko Basic principles of market self-organization № 5’08
Andrei Sychev Orientation small business segment of the non-bank financial system № 1’06
Sychev Elena Conditions to ensure the competitiveness of small businesses № 1’07
Elena Tagiltseva Flexible wage system in Russia № 3’09
Viktor Tarasov Features an assortment of marketing management strategies in the industrial market № 7’09
Irina Tatarnova Budgeting methodology in health insurance organizations: general principles № 1’08
Valentine Tafintseva Using the effect of operating leverage for managing financial results № 6’05
Suvorov Elena Factors affecting costs when opening any type of catering № 6’08
Tahumova Oksana Promising forms of entrepreneurship development in the regional consumer market № 6’06
Methodical approach to evaluating the effectiveness of FEA № 7’07
Valery Telegin Public-private partnership effective form of modernization and infrastructure development № 8’08
Temirgaliev Zhalgara Estimation of efficiency of investment in business № 4’5’01
Temirgaliev Zholshara Theory of limit values ​​in the optimization business № 1’01
Ten Alexander Fundamentals of administrative and legal regulation of prices in the Russian Federation № 3’09
Tymoshenko Michael Juvenile Justice in Russia: historical perspective № 3’05
  Influence of law and religion in shaping the personality of a minor № 3’05
Titkova Natalia Managing tax liabilities as part of the financial management of the organization № 6’07
Alexei Titov Types of business: direct and market № 2’07
Catherine Tihova Outsourcing as a factor in increasing the capacity of the logistics enterprise № 6’07
Mikhail Tikhonov Creative teams in audio production in modern Russia № 5’06
Evdokimov Anna Factors and conditions for the development of risk management tools in the region № 2’09
Alexei garden Trends in the development of regional dealer network № 3’08
Tlyabichev Karabek Status and trends of development of small business in Karachay-Cherkessia  
Tokarev Galina Interaction of economic growth and quality of labor resources № 3’07
Sergei Tomashov Improving mechanisms for innovative development of a large petrochemical complex № 6’06
Toroptsev Alexander Option Frunze № 2’05
Garegin Once again the need bankizatsii whole country № 2’08
Tretyakov Ekaterina Assessing the development of infrastructure to support small innovative businesses in Moscow № 5’08
  Development of innovative entrepreneurship in the region № 6’09
Vladimir Trofimov Effective advertising system effective marketing № 5’07
Trofimov Maria Functioning of a modern pension system № 7’07
Tatyana Trofimov Civil-law protection of goodwill entrepreneurs № 3’09
Elena Troyanova Problems functioning of the Russian industry in the conditions of the world financial and economic crisis № 6’09
  Regional aspect of the functioning of the food industry in the current economic conditions (for example, Primorsky Krai) № 7’09
Turks Alexey Improve utilization of storage systems wholesale № 1’07
Tyumentsev Igor Lzhepetr, “Cossack Prince” № 6’2001
Yuri Tyutyunik Property and land relations as a basis for economic regulation of Gambling № 2’09
Elena Tyutyurkina Criteria and indicators of real and financial performance of the reproduction process № 4’5’03
Oudalov Nikita Results of the comparison of multiple fuzzy and probabilistic approaches to assessing project risk № 6’06
Urtaev Kaurbek Actual problems of governance structural changes in the petroleum refining industry № 1’09
Yevgeny Ustinov What Everyone Should Know in the fight against terrorism № 2’05
Fateeva Ludmila services for state and municipal needs № 3’07
Fedonyuk Natalia Essence of management factors in the development of the building complex as an economic system № 1’08
Alexander Fedorov International bank capital standards: Basel № 6’06
Vladimir Fedorov Specificity of social security services market № 8’08
Galina Fedorova The procedure for preparation of the transfer act and the separation balance sheet at reorganization № 2’07
Sergei Pimenov Methodological approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of the innovative project in Entrepreneurship № 1’09
Fedotov Vladislav Intellectual property relations in the system of intellectual capital № 2’07
Fedulova Elena The essence of economic efficiency № 1’06
Fedchuk Eugene Contract of commercial representation in Russian law № 3’07
Irina Dudakov The role of marketing in the construction of the service economy № 2’08
Vitaly Fedyakin Formation of motivational strategies Human resource management in industrial plants № 5’07
  Terms of effective management № 1’08
Anton Fernandez Do not eat, become a kid! № 6’03
Feronova Anna Cooperation (peasant) farms № 4’06
Filipenko Anastasia Improving the efficiency of foreign economic activity in Russia globalizing world economy: transport factor № 8’08
Dmitry Filip’ev Conceptual analysis of the concepts of the theory of corporate governance № 5’09
Firsov Miail Methodology for the development of effective business structures № 5’04
  Trends technical update autos № 6’04
Elena Nadtochiy Indicators for assessing the effectiveness of a field tax audit individual entrepreneurs № 8’09
Andrei Fomichev Psychological dysfunction and administrative management features in the system of modern management № 7’08
Fofanova Anna Review of activities aimed at improving the efficiency of marine transport systems № 5’08
  World experience of local regional maritime transport systems (for example, Rotterdam, Singapore and New York) № 6’08
Frolov Business ethics of Russian entrepreneurship late XIX – early XX century № 1’2000
Svetlana Frolova Institutional mechanism to stimulate investment activity building complex № 8’08
Frumina Svetlana Effect of mortgage lending on the economy № 5’06
Elena Malygina Technique of formation of a comprehensive development strategy of the university leader of the regional market of educational services № 2’08
Harchevnikov Maxim System of contradictions economic sustainability of industrial enterprises № 3’08
Hashhozheva Zalina Investigation of the scope and direction of recreational services in the Russian Federation № 5’09
Boris Heifetz Development strategy of “Murom Radio” № 1’09
Krasil’nikov Victor Free Economic Society of Russia № 5’6’2000
Khodarev The main problems and a mechanism to attract investment in water supply and sanitation in the region № 5’08
Mike Honcho The essence and characteristic principles of entrepreneurship in the field of information and intellectual № 3’08
Mikhail Markin Concept of state support programs, and regulation of business in the field of information and intellectual № 7’08
Khrishchatyi Svetlana Management accounting innovations in the poultry industry № 4’09
Elena Hryuchki Direction of development of abilities of consumer cooperatives № 5’08
Vyacheslav Kuzmin Evaluating the effectiveness of social investment in the region № 8’09
Yuri Popov Reliability and risk management system in the decision-making expert № 3’2000
David Tsagarelli Key issues nefteprostranstva in the XXI century № 2’2000
Inna Tselovalnikova Status and prospects of the dairy industry business structures Stavropol № 3’06
Alexei Tsibirev Theoretical aspects of the concept of “service” in business № 2’08
Vladimir Chaplyuk Vertical integration in manufacturing № 2’06
  Reproductive processes in vertically integrated entities № 3’06
Ciobanu Milan Features internal control procurement activities in wholesale trade organizations № 7’07
Cheledenkov Alexander Features of the investment climate in the Russian power № 7’07
Cherenkov Elena The ratio of the system of law and legislation: the theoretical foundations № 3’06
Igor Cherepanov Analysis of the factors the intensity of competition in the market № 3’07
Cherkasov Sergey Formation control of investment and innovation activities № 5’06
Cherkashin Artem Monetary system of the XXI century and Russia’s interests № 6’06
Dmitry blueberries How to help the taxpayer to pay taxes № 4’2000
Chernikov Elena Valentina Voronin and mystical secrets of the Russian song № 5’6’2000
Chernitskii Igor Winter and summer … № 5’6’2000
Vladimir Chernov Comprehensive investment planning: features, benefits № 1’2’02
Chernyshev Julia Economic initiative entrepreneur and assaults on small businesses № 2’07
  Activities government support programs to reduce private economic contradictions № 2’08
  Conceptual bases of formation of state support for small business № 6’08
Chugumbaev Roman Relevant reference group analysis technique target values ​​of economic indicators organization № 8’09
Catherine Chugunova Small business Smolensk region: problems and prospects № 6’09
Churakov Dimitri Stalin Constitution and the decision of the “Russian question” in the USSR № 3’04
  Moscow’s role in the modernization of Russia № 1’01
  State-building lessons of Izhevsk uprising in 1918 № 1’2’02
Gennady Tchurikov Problematic issues in optimizing the risk to public investment projects № 5’09
  Is it possible to accelerate the development of small business in Russia? № 3’03
Elena Smirnova Control and accounting of income and expenses of a commercial bank profit taxation № 8’09
Chhorn Prolyng Questions unification investment regimes in the light of antitrust APEC № 4’05
  Investment rule-making organization APEC № 5’05
Harinova Olga Economic efficiency of the corporation as a form of business № 3’09
Anatoly Shavkuta Sidel’nikov № 2’2000
  And we installers! № 5’6’2000
Shaidurov Alexander Economic analysis of enterprises through the application of layered neural networks № 3’09
Valery Shambarov Oh, you, guests, ladies and gentlemen! ….. № 5’05
  Russian paradigm: the national tradition of democracy № 1’06
Shamin Vladimir Key elements of the Basel II standards to mitigate credit risk № 6’08
  Economic aspects of the implementation of the lien № 7’08
Shapkin Eugene On the theory and practice of portfolio analysis in selecting strategic decisions № 7’08
Vladimir Shapovalov Venture capital as a source of innovative entrepreneurship № 3’04
Shaposhnikov Anna Prospects for the development of the financial mechanism of the national project “Health” № 8’09
Alexei Shapchits Effect of foreign economic activity on the economic development of the region № 6’06
Alexei Sharanin Classification of innovation № 7’07
Bashkatov Igor Innovation as an economic category № 4’09
andRina Staff costs of the organization and their classification № 2’06
Sharkova Antonina Human capital as a factor of economic growth № 3’05
  The role of government regulation in improving the efficiency of labor № 7’07
  Regulation of innovative entrepreneurship in the region: theory and practice № 6’09
  Principles of effective government influence on the formation and development of society’s labor potential № 6’04
  Employment potential of the society: programming optimal reproduction and use № 4’5’03
  Dining income distribution and consumer goods № 4’04
  Use of labor resources in the process of market reform of the Russian economy № 6’03
Valentine Tafintseva Improving the cost accounting systems: a management approach № 5’08
  Effectiveness of employment services: theoretical and practical Aspe № 2’09
Tretyakov Ekaterina Infrastructure to support small innovative enterprises in the Moscow region and its formation № 6’08
Shahvatova Svetlana Economic growth of the company by improving its competitiveness № 1’08
Yadav Hope Managing demographic processes Altai Krai № 3’09
Irina Sheveleva Analysis of the diamond market as complexly organized economic structure № 5’06
Shelud’ko Gregory Specificity of dialectical interactions of subjects production services № 6’06
  Foresight and forecasting of service a reality № 1’07
  Service as megamachine modern society № 2’07
Anatoly husk Terms of small business development № 1’01
Yuri Shenshin Personnel management in the period of business restructuring in the global financial crisis № 3’09
  Modern aspects of designing a personnel management system in the industry № 5’09
Denis Sheyanov Problems of management of innovation and investment processes in the construction industry № 1’07
Shibaeva Marina Optimization fare as a method of increasing the commercial attractiveness of toll road services № 5’08
  The procedure for optimizing the structure of public and private investment in the creation of road facilities № 1’09
Michael Shilimanov Indicators for evaluating the investment activities № 6’07
Shilichev Alexander Formation of financial-industrial groups of light industry № 3’07
Elena Shimorin Reproduction problems and update knowledge in the modern Education Institute № 4’05
  On the sociological analysis of knowledge reproduction № 4’05
Irina Shipulina Methodology to evaluate the security infrastructure of the regional food market by the example of Altai Krai № 6’09
Shkapyak Alexander Develop a strategy of forming the basis of competitive advantage of domestic consulting companies № 5’08
  Features of formation and post-crisis development consulting services market in Russia № 7’08
  Strategic market development consulting services in Russia № 8’08
Shaldohina Svetlana Minimizing the risks of leasing company № 8’09
Anatoly Shkirko Always in the ranks № 1’01
Shkirman Olga Logistic approach to reduce commercial risks in retail № 2’08
Skoda Roman Synthesis of capital: the hidden potential of qualitative growth of the firm № 5’08
  Species transformation of capital as the basis of improving the relationship the main components of business № 4’09
  Ways of improving methods for assessing the effectiveness of the company’s capital structure № 7’09
Dmitry Shore Outsourcing as a way to streamline the costs of providing services budget № 8’09
Shohneh Anna Management analysis in internal control of small businesses № 7’07
  Features of tax accounting for small businesses № 1’08
Shunyaev Artem Prospects of socio-economic development and the problem of increasing the quality of workforce № 8’08
Shupik Anton Market self-regulation of the reproductive process № 1’06
  Effective ways and methods by the state to market mechanisms № 2’06
Shchedrin Olga Standardization of social services as organizational and managerial method of municipal development № 2’09
Nikolai Kravchenko Objective laws of economic development multivariancy № 3’08
Vladimir Shcherbakov Russian industrial policy № 6’03
Shcherbinin Artem Compensation algorithm amounts notaries shortfall in the provision of statutory benefits № 7’09
Schehovtsova Sania Entrepreneurship and the city’s economy № 3’06
Raisa Schinova Evaluating the effectiveness of the marketing activities of the enterprise № 5’09
Alexander Epstein Economic incentive mechanisms innovative development in the field of wastewater treatment № 1’09
Catherine Jurkova Agricultural sector as the most important factor of competitiveness of the national economy and food security № 7’07
  Conceptual approaches to the problem of competition in the agribusiness system in modern conditions № 2’08
  Theoretical foundations of competitiveness management and international experience of its evaluation № 6’08
Irina Yusupova Budgeting as an element of management accounting in holding companies № 7’09
  Control structure of the consolidated group of companies № 8’09
Yusupov Sawda Controlling at Russian enterprises № 1’08
  Controlling the supply chain № 2’08
Yazhlev Maxim About international payments in the form of documentary credit № 1’2’02
Konstantin Yakovlev Study of logistic processes in the port for container multimodal transport in foreign trade № 6’07
  Logistics concept development of intermodal container terminals of the port of St. Petersburg № 6’08
Anna Yakovleva Foreigners are hard to understand … № 1’2’02
Vladimir Jakushin On the management of investments in real estate № 1’07
Yalymova Victoria Housing policy as a factor in the investment attractiveness of the city № 8’08
Vyacheslav Yarmolchuk Factors to quality of life № 3’07
Yaroslavtseva E. Computer magazine on CD-ROM № 1’2000

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