The “Enterpreneur” magazine book was published in the summer of 1991, and since 1992 leaves regularly (eight numbers in a year). “Enterpreneur” — the winner of journalistic competition of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation “Economic revival of Russia” 1994.

Since 2000 “Enterpreneur” the list of editions for the publication of the main results of theses on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor or the candidate of science” is brought in approved VAK of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation “.

Mission of the higher school — to train scientists and experts who will create already tomorrow the latest technologies and to introduce them in production, to train the following generations of youth, to raise the intellectuals, the scientific achievements capable to transform life of the region and all country. Therefore the “Enterpreneur” magazine book closely cooperates with many leading higher education institutions of the country, participates in scientific conferences, publishes results of researches of competitors of scientific degrees of the candidate and the doctor of science. Kompozitsionno “Business” the magazine book, headings in it are replaced with the shmuts-titles opening each new section. The volume of the edition is 10-12 printed pages; there are regularly 8 numbers a year (4 — in a half-year); for a number of years has two subscription indexes — 20379 (JSC Rospechat) and 73320 (The integrated catalog “Press of Russia”); from the very beginning of the edition it is registered in the Ministry of Press of the Russian Federation (since 1992) and has ISSN 0869‒7051. Espertno-retsenzionny council of the magazine reviews manuscripts arriving in edition and together with the secretariat defines their further destiny. The magazine leaves in Russian, but at the end of each number there is a section Summary where headings and summaries are in alphabetical order given in English of all articles published in this number that allows to enter English-speaking databases and bibliographies of scientific editions. The full text electronic version of the magazine can be seen on a site of Scientific electronic library (elibrary.ru). The “Enterpreneur” magazine book is included in system of the Russian Index of Scientific Citing (RISC); now documents for entry and into others serious (Scopus and Web of Science) a database and scientific citing prepare.

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