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How to write the scientific article

To write the scientific article correctly, it is necessary to adhere to the basic principles which are stated in the following points:

In the prolog relevance and expediency of development of a subject (a scientific problem or a task) have to be proved.

In the main part of article by the analysis and synthesis of information it is necessary to open studied problems, ways of their decision, justification of possible results, their reliability. In the review the most important and perspective directions of development of science (practice), its separate kinds of activity, the phenomena, events and so forth have to be analysed, compared and revealed. The scientific article has to have problem character, show different views of scientists on development of scientific (practical) knowledge, contain conclusions, generalizations, summary data. In final part — to sum up the result, to formulate conclusions, recommendations, to specify the possible directions of further researches.
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Surname, name Heading Issue of the magazine
Alexei Abazov The study forms of business in the region fisheries № 6’06
Abalov Ilya Corporate culture in modern Russian organizations № 5’06
Ablehanov Ildar Budgeting as a tool for planning and control № 4’2000
Natalia Abramova Institutional basis for the formation of professional competence of civil servants: problems and prospects № 7’09
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